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  • I wanted to replace my old registers with a POS to improve efficiency. Affordable Point Of Sale Solution worked to create a custome solution for my operation. We are running for over a month. Their support and the assistance is A+++.
                    Ted, Charlestown House Of Pizza

  • I was looking to replace my old Point Of Sales. After I searched, I contacted Vasilios from Affordable Point Of Sale Solution. He worked hard to create a solution that works for my location. Our System is running without issues for the last 6 months. In addition, when any questions come up, he is always there to assist.
                    Steve, Lebanon Village Pizza, 04/15/09

    POS Benefits
    Saves Time Saves Time
    Calculates Prices Calculates Prices
    Eliminates Mistakes Eliminates Mistakes
    Tracking Coupons & Promos Tracking Coupons & Promos
    Tracking Orders Tracking Orders
    Theft Prevention Theft Prevention
    Financial Reporting Financial Reporting
    Employee Time Keeping Employee Time Keeping
    Driver / Order Dispatching Driver / Order Dispatching
    Processes Credit Cards Processes Credit Cards
    Gives You Control Gives You Control
    Is EASY To Learn & Use Is EASY To Learn & Use
    Enjoy the benefits and cost savings of having a Point of Sale System for your Business!
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    Point Of Sale Solution
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    POS Solution
    Affordable Point of Sale Solution
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