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Point of Sale Software

Point of Success Premium automates every phase of the order entry, preparation, and management processes. Delivery features are built in for pizzerias and other delivery service concepts. Information is immediately available to keep every employee informed, to improve customer satisfaction, and to facilitate better restaurant management.
Efficiency-enhancing features:

  • Design your order entry menu to fit your business
  • Get complete customer information easily
  • Enter orders quickly with touch-screen order entry
  • Advanced coupon and discount qualification and entry
  • Balance and control cash register tills, server banks and driver banks
  • Split and combine orders
  • Split payment tenders
  • Manage deliveries
  • Improve preparation efficiency with the kitchen monitor
  • Order pizza and other complex menu items on one button
  • Manage catering or large orders for future preparation
  • Give managers up-to-the-minute information with the manager's console
  • Perfect for table service, counter service and delivery

POS Benefits
Saves Time Saves Time
Calculates Prices Calculates Prices
Eliminates Mistakes Eliminates Mistakes
Tracking Coupons & Promos Tracking Coupons & Promos
Tracking Orders Tracking Orders
Theft Prevention Theft Prevention
Financial Reporting Financial Reporting
Employee Time Keeping Employee Time Keeping
Driver / Order Dispatching Driver / Order Dispatching
Processes Credit Cards Processes Credit Cards
Gives You Control Gives You Control
Is EASY To Learn & Use Is EASY To Learn & Use
Enjoy the benefits and cost savings of having a Point of Sale System for your Business!
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Make Better Marketing Decisions

Imagine how much better a marketing decision can be with complete information on the financial success of a promotional campaign. Point of Success Premium analyzes every phase of a promotion to determine its effectiveness in providing new customers and creating profi table relationships.
Marketing decision-making features:

  • Pinpoint the most successful off ers
  • Identify the best vehicles for advertising
  • Maximize new customer attraction
  • Review financial results from coupons or promotions
  • Rank coupons by number of uses and revenue
Full touch-screen compatibility means rapid order entry! Point of Success is attractive and easy to learn for everyone from the restaurant manager to the newest order entry staff. Security controls permit specified functions to be performed only if the logged-in user has sufficient permissions.
Complete Suite of Business Reports

Point of Success Premium includes more than 70 reports that provide the financial, marketing and production information needed to improve a restaurant's business. Reports are effective if used as-is, and can be customized to fit an individual business' needs.
Financial Reports:

  • Communicate concise financial information with Flash Reports
  • Provide accounting information for a restaurant's CPA, bookkeeper or in-house accounting system
  • Get vital food and labor cost information Marketing reports
  • Influence promotional activities with information on coupon redemptions
  • Identify sources of new customers
  • Learn which regularly ordering customers have stopped ordering
  • Inspire employees to sell upgrades and add-ons Production reports
  • Understand peak demand periods
  • Staff appropriately for customer needs
  • Notify management about delivery service levels Security reports
  • Identify inappropriately discounted orders
  • Get an overview of PIN code failures, price changes and deleted orders
  • List voided orders
Touch any item on the ticket to edit or delete the item. The simple navigation bar tells you where you are and how to get back to where you want to be. Touch any self-explanatory button to perform that task. Supports multiple portions and explode-pie toppings.
Sell More Products to More Customers

Point of Success Premium improves customer satisfaction through higher quality service and better service coordination. The right point of sale software can not only improve efficiency, but it can help build a better restaurant business.

Success-enhancing features:

  • Timed product pricing gives breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner pricing flexibility for every menu item
  • Introduce and promote new menu items
  • Promote order add-ons through staff incentives
  • Communicate frequently with your best customers
  • Recognize and reward great customers
  • Print reports and mailing labels for lazy customers
  • Print reports and mailing labels for lost customers
Point of Success includes many standard reports. The report designer permits changes to standard reports and tickets and creation of custom reports and tickets.
More features

  • Report on business days that cross midnight
  • Use up to six kitchen or bar printers and two box label printers
  • Find orders by customer name, phone number, staff member, order number and more
  • Upsize combinations with the combo super button
  • Control the size, style, color and font on order entry buttons
  • Store and retrieve a virtually unlimited number of telephone numbers for each customer
  • Find customers by telephone number, name or address
  • Automatically complete a street address, verify delivery eligibility and automatically select a delivery zone with its unique delivery charge with the street database
  • Prevent sales tax calculation for selected customers
  • Ask for prices for items sold by weight
  • Automatically charge extra for delivered items
  • Scan bar codes for items sold in a gift shop of specialty food area
  • Use Point of Success Premium in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom
Point Of Sale Features
POS Additional Features Restaurant POS Software Order Entry Order Entry POS Additional Features Order Tracking
POS Additional Features Improving Efficiency POS Additional Features Preventing Theft POS Additional Features Business Reporting
POS Additional Features Effective Marketing POS Additional Features Delivery Dispatch POS Additional Features Pizza Delivery Mapping
POS Additional Features Employee Time Clock POS Additional Features Caller ID POS Additional Features Employee Scheduling
POS Additional Features Table Management POS Additional Features Credit Card Processing POS Additional Features Gift Card Processing
POS Additional Features Fingerprint Login POS Additional Features Menu Training CD POS Additional Features FoodCost Pro
POS Additional Features Central Office Reporting Complete List Of Features (pdf)
Use the kitchen monitor to improve efficiency. Lists the entire order to help coordinate production between different areas of the kitchen.

Confirm that the promised delivery service level is being provided to every customer with time-keyed color flags. Quickly select orders and driver and dispatch the delivery.

Point Of Sale Solution
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